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“Gerry describes his beloved Churchtown like John Steinbeck describing Salinas Valley  and then follows it up with a gripping drama. This is a true story from the school of hard knocks. The book is an ideal counterbalance to the much revered work of fiction The Business Plan.  There is a film in this. There is only one Gerry Murphy!”

Louis and Helen

“I had just read your book….found it fascinating, very interesting and a very easy and enjoyable read”

C O’Donovan

“I recently finished your book and its kept me enthralled from start to finish to finish.”

N Finegan

“I’m just after reading your book, The Accidental Entrepreneur. I found it to be very inspiring and insightful.”

Paddy Barrett

“I just bought your book and I honestly couldn’t put it down! A fascinating read. I admired your honesty and especially the direct and simplistic manner in which you delivered your message.”

Kenneth O’Connell

“Happened upon your book on the \’books of the week\’ section in Blancharstown Library, it was a delight to read! Really enjoyed the story behind Great Gas – and was fascinated by your desire to regenerate your home town of Churchtown.”

Steven Murray

“A great book.”

Eoin Little

“I just finished your book, “The Accidental Entrepreneur” and I loved it!!  Your creation of Great Gas was fascinating. I really connect with your philosophy in business, especially creating something where there is a need to help people …”

Dan Wangler

“A wonderful group of students in the young entrepreneurs program we just started running here a few weeks ago came across your page searching for some helpful references to bookmark for a presentation they are going to give the other groups. They loved some of the resources and info you have up and found it to be a big help, thank you so much!

Angela Whitney

“Just finished Gerry Murphy s book The Accidental Entrepreneur … loved it! Stimulating, Encouraging, Ass kicking. Such an honest account of business & entrepreneurship.”

Susan Shaerer

“As organiser of the Cork Persons of Year award scheme, which Gerry won, and I also had pleasure of doing some P.R., work on one of his companies, I found him to be inspirational. Past Irish President Mary McAleese is also a big fan of Gerry Murphy.”

Manus O’Callaghan

“Just like the title of your company your book is also Great Gas; I laughed our loud on numerous occasions. Your sense of humour, despite the perceived seriousness of what you were at comes across. To paraphrase Shakespeare in Julius Caesar; The credit (fault), dear Brutus, lies not in our stars but in ourselves” and that is certainly true in your case. Your book is truly an absorbing read and is a real page turner, even the epilogue.”

Michael O’Driscoll

“I have just read your book, ‘The Accidental Entrepreneur’ ­- a terrific read.  Plenty in there without you coming across as preaching to the reader.  Loved it. ” 

Bernie Cullinan

“… am reading and enjoying your book. Well done.”

Karl O’Connor

“I have just finished reading Gerry Murphy’s “The Accidental Entrepreneur “.  A most informative read, inspirational and essential reading for the would be entrepreneur . Gerry refreshingly demystifies business providing clear insights and a guide to its pitfalls. His framework is guided by principles of honesty and integrity; this work should be on every school curriculum.”
John Baragwanath
“I read your book and really enjoyed it. A great story too! Plenty of good tips and experiences shared. I’ve recommended it to my son who runs his own business, helping others in business. Congratulations!”
Stephen Tully 
“Really great read, I can hear you say the words – audio books are great too.  As I have learned from you good ideas can be of little worth, real value is generated through strong implementation/execution. Looking forward to reading the next one …”

Owen Kelly

“A fabulous read and brilliantly written! I loved the honesty, integrity and bucket loads of common sense that leap from every page.”

Sean Walsh 

“Congratulations I really enjoyed your book. I very much admired you moral and ethical approach to business. I was amazed  that you could start a business with such a small amount of money and be successful. Your community spirit and sense of place is fantastic. My one regret if only you were born in in my hometown.”

Martha Kelly

“I’ve just finished your book. I really enjoyed it …”

Tony O’Flaherty

“Just a quick note to say the book is brill and many thanks for putting pen to paper … upwards and onwards for me with new thoughts …”

Pat O’Leary

“I have read 93 Pages and and it’s a most informative absorbing read. I am saving the rest for the plane … the book is likely to be read by all members of the Phelan Aussie clan and friends.”

Mike Phelan

“Congratulations. Your achievements and book just fabulous. Totally enjoyed the read.”

Mary & PJ O’Dea

“I am thoroughly enjoying your book!”

Rohan Mantri

“Gerry, your book is great. For me it illustrated how important it is to maintain a positive  perspective in life and also to embrace change as a good thing. Also that life is constantly presenting opportunity for progress if we are patient and insightful enough to see it. Well done on your journey and your book.”

Diarmuid Fisher

“Gerry, I loved the book.  It is a true reflection of what happened and how it happened. I am not sure how anyone could really appreciate the time and detail you put in to each business to ensure they were given every opportunity to succeed.  It is also very true and reassuring to know that while you were very successful you were not driven just financially but by the renewal of your beloved Churchtown village.  Best of luck.”

Michelle Gleeson

Note from Gerry:  As a founding director of GreatGas and so many other Churchtown projects Michelle should know!

“Just got through the the book. Well written, insightful and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Having experienced a few start-ups and early early stage businesses in my time a lot of what you were describing seems common to my experience (especially on the M&A front). Also having seen a few business failures I’m happy to read about a great success – the failures I witnessed always seemed to be because the owners didn’t know when the right time to exit and held until it was too late like a gambler who doesn’t know when to fold.  Not only is The Accidental Entrepreneur a great read but has great lessons for the budding entrepreneur  and not just the step by step in part two but also the importantly the insight into mindset that a successful entrepreneur  has.  Look forward to the next volume.”

John Murphy, Boston

” I’ve just finished reading Gerry Murphy’s book “The Accidental Entrepreneur“, and I have to say its not my ‘normal’ type of book, but once I started I couldn’t put it down. I want to say a huge congratulations to Gerry on a great read, with such inspirational writing and ideas that alot of people can take some great ideas from. It certainly got me thinking about areas I need to and can work on. Thanks Gerry for your words of wisdom, and continued success.”

Susan Fitzgibbon Daly

“The concept of the Accidental Entrepreneur emerges from the book as an apt description of your own experience and career trajectory. It also fits very well the entrepreneurial path of my wife Mary. She was 42 years of age when she co-founded Lir Chocolates with Connie Doody. Mary had become bored with her role as an Architectural Technologist working on a drawing board each day – it certainly did not suit her naturally outgoing personality. When she met Connie Doody at a community employment initiative in our Dundrum neighbourhood during the last great recession in the mid 1980’s she immediately decided to join her and resigned from her permanent job. She had not the slightest interest in making money – it was entirely a job creation motivation. Today, Lir Chocolates under the leadership of Managing Director Stephen Cope, employs over 200 people at its modern facility in Navan.”

Padraic White

Copies of this book should be purchased by state agencies for distribution to budding entrepreneurs. After all, it is penned by a man who has been there, done that – AND SOLD THE T-SHIRT!

Denis J Hickey

“Gerry Murphy represents all that is right about free enterprise. He sees it as the responsibility of entrepreneurs to work for the betterment of their community, their employees and their customers. He is also very down to earth. While recognising and understanding the complexities of business, he also knows that for a community to survive and prosper, they need a local shop, local pub, and local petrol station, all of which have to be and can be successful.”

Colman O’Keeffe

“Congrats on your “magnus opus” – good title; great story.”

Brian Hanratty

“Delighted and honoured to get a signed copy of ‪@gerrymmurphy new book The Accidental Entrepreneur”

David O’Flynn

“Well done!

Samantha Reilly

“Looking forward to reading and learning from a Master.”

Donal Austin

Great Stuff.”

Michael d’Arcy

“Good man Gerry, I’m looking forward to a good read, congrats , writing a book is not easy.”

Michael Grehan

“I have read all the book about GreatGas. It was very well written I enjoyed it.”

Jack O’Flaherty

“Couldn’t leave it down. All that hard work now explained! Great read.”

Helen Daly

“Coffee and a good book. What else can one do on this wet & windy morning. Best wishes Gerry.”

Mary Cunningham

“Got my copy Should be brilliant read! The very best of luck with it Gerry”

Tom O’Flynn

“Go n-éirí an t-adh leis an leabhar.”

Fiona Tucker

“I’m following the success of your book. Congrat’s; may you reap many benefits from it.”

Judie Feldman

“Looking forward to reading the book. Gerry’s spot when he talks about the key success factor being execution.”

Tom Martin

“Best of luck with book. Looking forward to reading it.”

Donogh Raftery

“Congrats Gerry. Can´t wait to read the book.”

José Carlos Ranito

“Very exciting, God Bless …”

Sheila Diamond

So exciting! Congratulations!!!

Liz Marconi

“Exciting times .”

Ciara Daly

“Great article in the indo. Congrats on the book.”

Tony Cierans

“Well done Gerry.”

Derry Walsh